We all want to be outside as much as we can but we also love our creature comforts. One cozy way we could tweal out more time in our gardens, porches and pool area's is to introduce fire!

Here's several ways to add a beautiful outdoor fireplace or firepit to your home:


(Source: Atlanta Home & Design Mag)
This gawjus fireplace on this screen porch in the Mid-Atlantic makes this porch usable year-round.

(Source: Elle Decor)
OMG - how freekin' chic is this??
Close those curtains and let's roast some weenies!

(Source: Cottages & Gardens)
One of my favorites in this missive!
A cozy garden has a small unobtrusive fireplace tucked into the trees.

(Source: Atlanta Home & Garden Magazine)
How awesome is that loggia??
Love that high fireplace with the elevated hearth - allowing everyone to see the fire from anywhere in the space.

(Source: Bobby McAlpine)
I love the pale-colored stone which keeps it light and not too heavy/wintry looking.

(Source: The Candle Co.)
I hate candles in a firebox...but let's not fixate on that. This feels right for this brick home, and it has a recessed grill in the niche next to it.

(Source: This Old House)
You've heard me say it over and over...
simplicity = perfection

(Source: Freshome)
This mountain homes open porch is built of field-stone trimmed with blue-stone. The massive fireplace is perfect for evenings with friends, or solo with Sunday's newspaper.

(Source: McIver Morgan Builders)
Cool evenings with drinks and conversation are enhanced by this fireplace. Notice the large one-piece stone jambs and lintel, and the hinged fireplace screen - brilliant!

(Source: House Beautiful)
Got's to love me some French-fried loggia!
The simplicity of this all-beige vignette with the limestone mantle and curtains is timelessly elegant and always clean looking.

(Source: Jane Frederick)
This patio becomes another room with this freestanding fireplace built from salvaged bricks - which add instant patina!

(Source: Marie Claire Maison)
This has several features I like; herringbone brick firebox, natural stone privacy wall and 'dressed' stone paver's…and, it's also got a wide hearth where people can sit on a cold night.

(Source: House Beautiful)
I'm totally lovin' this pergola with the stone accents.
The proximity to the pool makes this structure a year-round destination.

(Source: Elle Decor)
This small outbuilding in Provence provides the owners with a multi-season respite. In summer, small dinners or lazy afternoon snoozes. In the winter to enjoy a cozy fire after a long weekend walk through the countryside.


(Source: Fernanda Marques Arquetitos)
That super-wide lineal fireplace with the wood stored in the ends is da BOMB!

(Source: Balance Associates)
This brilliant design makes the fire visible from inside the home too!

(Source: Freshome)
I'm all about this 'pit' as it creates a perfect place to party and feel cozy at the same time.

(Source: Home Bunch)
This simplistic 'destination' firepit tucked into the trees makes my shorts tight - I think it's absolute perfection! Draw people out into the darkness away from the house and feel nature's elements.

(Source: Warming Trends, LLC)
This free-standing model can be very effective when sited properly. It's great for visual effect and guests can gather around it on a cool evening.

(Source: Houses Company)
For small patios and courtyards a small in-ground fire pit can be amazingly effective. The three large stones eliminate the need for decorative seating.

(Source: Canadian House & Home)
You're allowed to have fun too. This freestanding steel 'onion' fireplace is successfully juxtaposed with artistic shapes, materials and textures.

(Source: Unknown)
I love the clean lines, mixed materials, and the elevated hearth with the vegetation popping up from behind.

(Source: Freshome)
Garden-schmarden - got a roof deck? Bring it on bad boy...


(Source: Pinterest)
Got Snow?
How perfect is this timber and stone porch for the Rockies?
It would look stupid on Nantucket, but here it's perfect.

(Source: Grace Design Associates)
You been wantin' to git your Mexican on?
Dark rustic timbers, Saltillo floor tile, Talavera blue-and-white tiles make it feel authentic.

(Source: Cottages & Gardens)
If your home is beside the sea, or an early 20th century arts-and-crafts style then cedar shingles are the right material for your fireplace. But it wont look right in Bermuda...

(Source: Warming Trends LLC)
Hey pard'ner you'd better tie your horse to that thar fence and warm up yer boots by this Montana fire pit.
I don't really see this in Beverly Hills...

(Source: Elle Decor)
Totally lovin' this small adobe 'kiva' fireplace for Santa Fe style homes.

 (Source: Marie Claire Maison)
Trying to make your suburban Dallas McMansion feel like it's actually in Cap d'Antibes? If you can pull this off, you win!

(Source: Landscaping Network)
If your home is in the Adirondacks or pacific Northwest - large, smooth river-rocks are appropriate.
Make it simple and rustic, not a monument to your bad taste.

(Source: Royal Mansour Hotel, Marrakech)
This small fireplace on my patio was lit every night as the desert is quite cool in the evenings. It truly was the icing on a delicious cake.
These are what you don't want to build!

This is bad for several reasons: It's too big and it's just too showy. WTF is that panel and scrollie-iron-thing on the chimney breast? I love the 1985 stereo receiver in the left-hand wood-storage-bin too...

OK, just put that down anywhere...

Really? You laminated blue-stone pavers onto the entire chimney thinking it would look like a huge stone fireplace?
No, it looks like ass.

Lotta good that 30" x 30" firebox does way over there...
How do you pull furniture up to that??

Fireplaces are masculine - they look stupid when accessorized with dainty or cutesy accessories. The stonework is fine, but it's just too twee with that checkerboard paving and multiples of flower pots.

Dude, really??
You built a gigundous house on 1000 acres with a big-ass porch and a real stone chimney...
Then use a freekin' metal prefab firebox?

Super-sized over-fertilized lawn.........check
Super-sized outdoor TV......................check
Super-sized illuminated niches............check
$100,000 exterior lighting package.....check
Teensy-weensie fireplace...................check sooooo Silicon Valley...

This looks like the house burned down and this fireplace is all that's left...

You can do it, I'm here to help!