A color that needs to be used with restraint!

If I hear another decorator say they're painting a room "Hermes orangeI will totally barf all over their Goyard bag. First of all, Hermes orange rooms have been done like a million times, OK? Secondly, get your own life…


Orange is fresh, bright and cheerful - use it as an accent with white, neutrals or other equally bright colors (lime, turquoise, etc...)

(Source: New England Home)
Bright orange throws some fo-shizzle into this sober grouping.

(Source: Nicky Haslam)
Not the main player in this game, but the orange is important as it butches up the pink and redefines this stuffy English room for a new generation.

(Source: Lynn Morgan)
Fuchsia with tangerine is HOT, HOT, HOT - but it only works because of the solid fabrics and white backgrounds.

(Source: Unknown)
This kitchen would be too "safe" looking if you pulled out the orange accents!
(they could lose the rug tho...)

(Source: Mary Douglas Drysdale)
Antiques can feel old and tired...
By juxtaposing them in a pared-down space with a bold color and modern art it can create a fresh new vibe.

(Source: Unknown)
This kitchenette takes on a fun personality in orange, looking less 'utilitarian'.

(Source: Jamie Drake)
If you simply take your hand and cover the orange chair in this photo you'll notice the whole room goes flat; the ONE orange chair makes the entire scheme work.

(Source: Unknown)
Porches and loggias can benefit from bright orange as it's boldness makes a statement against the masses of green outdoors.

(Source: Katie Ridder)
Cheap and Chic!
A few pillows and a curtain hiding a shitty view or an AC unit and boom you have a kickin' patio.

(Source: Unknown)
A perfect example how orange can take the 'edge' off of a space that's almost too serious, making it more fun and approachable.

(Source: Thomas Jayne)
Traditional environments can easily become boring and bland, but the slightest pop of orange can snap it up!

(Source: Unknown)
This headboard adds just enough color to make this room kewl.
You have to be careful with orange as an accent, it's way too easy to use too much!

(Source: Katie Ridder)
LOVE this light fixture, it's just enough!

(Source: Amie Corley )
Very pretty and brilliantly crisp, the orange make it happy!

(Source: Unknown)
Touches of orange give this boring bath a funky-retro vibe.

(Source: House Beautiful)
 A humorless bath is made more fun by adding the lacquered mirrors and the casual throw-rugs
(but four rugs?)


Deeper tones of orange like persimmon or pumpkin create a modern, cozy feel if used with other warm tones.

(Source: Unknown)  
Look how quickly orange can go from cool and crisp 
to cozy and elegant…

(Source: Thomas Jayne)
I think orange walls are usually too much...
but in this mud-room the persimmon is brilliant.

(Source: Michael Fullen)
Does it get any better than this?

(Source: Maison Arab)
Pastels look stupid in desert-type climates. 
Oranges are part of their natural landscape - it feels right. 

(Source: Unknown)
An old-world Beaux-arts space uses a softer, warmer shade of 
orange called Bittersweet!

(Source: Giorgio Armani) 
Giorgio Armani's own ski lodge in St. Moritz is off-da-freekin'-hook combining dark wood-tones with bright orange making it brighter and happier.

(Source: Mary MacDonald)
You don't even need to have a lot of orange - small bits-and-bobs can do the trick.

(Source: Brockschmidt)
Without the orange wing chair we'd have at another dowdy living room.

(Source: Simon Brown)
Even low-budge rooms can come alive with just a simple coverlet.

(Source: AD)
Its important to realize the overall palette needs to be simple to give the large orange painting its props.

(Source: Katie Ridder)
One orange sofa and you're done, you don't need any more impact; balance it with neutrals and whites for crispness.


Imagine waking up to that first thing in the morning...

Another housewife with a gold Amex...

Nice try, but no cigar...

Who thought THAT was a good idea?

Just back from their first trip to Morocco and thought they'd replicate a riad in their Cedarhurst McMansion...

I'm sposin' they thought "shades of orange" would distract from the revolting architecture...

Where do I begin with this train wreck…
1. Chandelier 3' too high  2.Walls too deep color orange   3. Pine table with mid-century chairs?  4. Enormous lambrequin - in brown?  5.Teeny-weenie wall art  6.Rug and curtain fabric totally mismatched…

Looks like a set from "Decorating on a Dime"
(You just can't paint the walls orange and think you're done)

Schizophrenic would be a nice word...

Orange bathrooms are a appalling...
They never, ever, ever work!

Really, Elle Decor?

It's a nice kitchen, but why would you want to make the blinds on the skylight or those cheap-shit stools stand out? 
They should've used a large (orange) piece of art on the right-hand wall or a white and orange rag rug under the seating area.

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