Around the same time the world seemed to turn against fur garments a huge trend began - fur blankets and throws for the home.

I remember in my mom cutting up her old fur coats to make pillows which were chic and unusual accessories for our home - the disapproving comments at the time were more about how could she destroy her beautiful coats than about the animal who involuntarily donated his skin...

My current concern is that using them "privately" still doesn't make it right.... There are amazing faux furs that are basically undetectable. Yes, some animals are culled (zebra, alligator) which makes their hides more acceptable, but most decorative furs are not.

Give into faux....


These below are real fur, but consider using faux ones instead exactly as used here:
This contemporary eclectic bedroom is made more chic by the use of the Silver-Fox fur blanket; it adds a warming to factor to an otherwise cool looking space.

This fur blanket I can't identify but its pattern and texture make the room very cozy looking on a cold winter night.

This Sable blanket thrown over this sofa goes with the "poshness" of the room. It has a slight glam appeal - used so casually here. A sumptuous cashmere Hermes throw would've done the same thing...

This Coyote blanket must be heavy, no?

You can't fault people for having bad taste. Losing the mink throw with the tails wouldn't make this room any more elegant...

This big city apartment bedroom probably needs that Fox blanket with those old windows to stay warm. The look is preppy glam and it works.

This coyote hammock is a tad OTT for Americans. However in countries like Iceland, Sweden and Norway it's not unusual.

I'm not really diggin' this look at all; this very English bedroom with a Red-Fox blanket "casually" draped over the settee...really? Looks more like the Mrs. went to bed drunk and left her coat out...

This banquette has a stunning raccoon blanket over it. Chic during the winter as it cozies up this "cool" palette.

Outdoors in the Rockies or Dolomite's around a fire, apres ski - I get it, suburban Philadelphia...hmmm

This Hollywood Glam bedroom with all its mirrored items and silvered bits is about 'luxe,' hence their choice of the pillows and blanket. Obviously, it's all pulled off at bedtime which makes it really all about show...


This uber-smart looking modern bedroom has used the too-trendy cowhide carpets (a by-product) and a faux-fur blanket. It looks so warm and soft this time of year.

This retro-Regency living room employs a faux-fur throw on the sofa - casually laid to break up the crispness, it's fun, useful and inexpensive.

This amazingly delicious bedroom has a stunning faux-Fox blanket. Its colors blend and accentuate the blues, dove grays and whites.
I jus' wanna git nekkid and roll all around on it....

A faux-Mink blanket adds snap to this subtle moderne palette, the thought of laying on it watching TV is sorta sexy...

This minimalists eclectic bedroom looks more detailed with that faux-Mink throw, it adds a sense of luxury and a touch of glam.

A European feeling comes to mind in this bedroom with the beautiful antiques and contemporary finishes and accessories. The faux-fur blanket adds another, softening layer to the juxtaposition.

As wintertime accessories - faux-fur throws are perfect! They can take your house from summer to winter with one quick toss. Here, a reading chair looks inviting - whether it's ever used or not, it's a stage set that sets the rooms tone for the season.

Warning: Glamster on the loose!
This faux-Chinchilla is perfect in this room as each item is carefully chosen for its effect.

Another faux-Chinchilla in this English country house; all done up in chic lavender, magenta and gray...woof! Bet it gets reeeally hot in that nooky nook wit dat chinchilla baby!

Texture is important in contemporary rooms with 'flat' upholstery as they add interest, shadow - and a touch of whimsy in this case. The real Curly Lamb (a by-product) pillows and the faux-Leopard add a bump of sexiness to this room - always nice...

To soften the expanse of brown 'flat' upholstery this faux-Mink throw is laid over one section, creating a break-up of the expansive brown and and a cushy place for your tushy.

This contemporary bedroom has many layers, textures and tones. It's all brought together in one simple faux-fur throw bordered in the cinnabar to match the headboard! Sweeeet, right?

This Greek Flokati is real wool which is woven into blankets, rugs, pillows, etc. It's a great piece and can be washed at home!

Room after my own heart!
Mies daybed with Faux-Mink throw and pillows!
The combination of materials and design used in a primal yet modern combination.

This teenagers room uses this white faux-Mink blanket, it's not trying to be real, its what it is - which is cool!

This bedroom uses a faux-Mink throw in gawjus shades of creams and white. Now, this old Victorian bedroom is totally zhuzh'ed up!


REMEMBER, if it looks fake from far away,
it'll look even worse up close...

You can do it, I'm here to help!