This missive happens to have a lot of my own items shown as I don't want to get off my ass and ride all over town photographing everyone else's crap. Yes, there's a lot of chocolate and pink in my house!

After all...

It is all about me...

Personalized items are so lovely and totally give a home a shot of serious GLAM! It also says "It's been made for me, it's not off the shelf" beotch... Not only monograms but signage and other personalized items make your home more special.

When I was a kid every one of my relatives had monogrammed towels, linens, bar-ware, ashtrays, etc. But noooo not mother only liked things monogrammed with YSL and BB (Bill Blass). But I loved anything monogrammed... still do...

Monogrammed items are much more accessible these days at retail stores like Pottery Barn, or mail order stores like Horchow and L.L.Bean. Their cheesy offerings are limited with marginal-quality work. I also believe that when e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g's monogrammed or personalized it's too much, it just looks like you're trying too hard.

What defines a Monogram?

A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. A series of uncombined initials is properly referred to as a cypher and is not a monogram, although ciphers are frequently referred to as monograms.

An individual's monogram is often a very fancy piece of art for adorning luggage, clothing, household items and so forth. A proper traditional 3-letter monogram has the initial of the individual's last name (surname) set larger, or with some special treatment in the center, while the first name initial appears to the left of it and the middle name initial appears to the right of it.

For example, Joseph Paul Davis, and Davis is the surname, then the proper arrangement of the letters in a monogram (i.e. for embroidery, in heraldry, to adorn personal items, or for stationery, etc.) would be thus: J D P With the surname initial set larger in the center, the J for Joseph to the left and the P for Paul to the right.

Traditionally, monograms of the names of monarchs are used as part of the insignia of public organizations in kingdoms, such as on police badges. This indicates a connection to the ruler.

(King George III)

Monogram (King Joseph I)

Where does one find such lovely stuff you ask??? Well, as your arbiter of good taste, and resource-whore I have ferreted out a great printer, sign-maker and monogrammer for you!


"LORI JAYNE" Lori Bernstein's County Road shop can monogram ANYTHING. When I ask about something she turns around and voila, shows me a beautiful example of it. I think if I wanted my ass tattooed with my monogram and a palm tree to match my wallpaper I'm sure she'd be able to do it!

You can find great quality linens, deliciously colored beach and pool towels, sun-dresses, playing cards, matches, buckets, needlepoint items, baby layettes, household staff uniforms, etc. Any color, shape, size, pattern. If you can think of it, she'll make it.

Personally, I don't think there is anything more classically elegant than good quality table and bed linens personalized with your monogram, cypher, name of your home, or even custom embroidery to match your scheme (e.g. stripes, details from wallpaper, or any motif).

Currently, I have my bed and bath items monogrammed with my initials; pool towels and cocktail napkins embroidered with the name of my house, "Foxtail Cottage." It just adds an extra touch as opposed to everything being retail or off-the-shelf looking.

Here are some creative examples of Lori Jayne's custom creative designs.

This custom monogram below was done by Lori Jayne for me personally. I brought her the brown duvet, shams and boudoir pillows and this is the rockin' result, I just love them! Chocolate with Tangerine!! MmmMMm

The bed below is made with beautiful custom monograms which highlight the chintz used in the room and on the headboard.

Some Very Smart Tabletop Examples Below

This beautiful Holiday table is set with a custom placemat and napkin in white linen with chocolate stitching, sooo chic and simple!! Designer note: instead of a red satin-moire placemat with green holly trim and gold glitter everywhere this example defied the holiday kitsch; notice how totally elegant the table is with simple linens and letting the centerpieces be the holiday decor.

These orange monogrammed napkins below make this already gorgeous table POP!

Miscellaneous Things at Lori Jayne's

If you have a burgee, monogram, logo or anything you want made into a needlepoint pillow, placemat, coasters or now have the resource!

Are you tired of those overdone plastic or metallic tissue-box holders and waste baskets from Neiman's or Bed, Bath & Beyond? Well, there's an alternative below that is artistic and totally customized for your space! Lori Jayne takes your colors, fabric, wallpaper, or whatever you want to match and makes these lovely tissue box holders and waste baskets below.

For shit's-and-giggles these tin buckets below can be monogrammed or lettered for their intended contents (toys, baby name, flip-flops, bread, cookies, even a bunch of rolled up monogrammed towels!).

Instead of the boring "Welcome" doormats, or Frontgate's steroidal doormats, have Lori Jayne make a custom one for you with your initial(s), house name, logo or monogram!

As you can see below, Lori Jayne can handle your monogram needs. Below are my rockin' pool towels.

Lori Jayne
305 County Road, Palm Beach, FL
Ph: 561.514.9199


This is always a sticky wicket when you're trying to direct someone, use a name discreetly, or display a house number handsomely that isn't from Home Depot..

I called my old house in Florida "Foxtail Cottage" from the number of Foxtail palms on my property. Here are two things I had made to help with entertaining. First the front door plaque, an 8" x 4" brass oval with deep set black lettering with the name of the house, reassuring guests they were at the right house. And second a small 6" x 3" lacquered brass sign with black lettering designating the Loo.

The hallway to this bathroom had five doors, people were always walking in the closet. This way, when asked, I simply say "it says Loo on the door," then no one has to show them where, or describe which door (who wants someone to walk them to the loo??) or give directions...silly. "Loo" is an English term for the toilet itself, but is considered proper.

Another more globally recognized term would be "W.C." for water closet. You could also use "powder room," but never bathroom. These great quality brass plaques are under $100 and are from Anderson's Hardware in West Palm Beach.

The Anderson family has run this store since 1925, the quintessential Mom & Pop type store. A no-bullshit kinda place with old-fashioned personal service. Its always easy, fast and pleasant working one-on-one with them as opposed to chasing some nincompoop up and down the aisles at Home Depot. Mr. Anderson & his team knows every screw, faucet and knob ever made!

He and his family are a pleasure to work with.

Anderson's Hardware
605 South  Olive Ave.,W. Palm Beach.


Yes, I approve!

Yes, of course I have all the linen cocktail napkins and guest towels (monogrammed too!) But, I don't want the maintenance anymore (does anyone?) nothing to iron, etc. I only use customized paper cocktail/drink napkins. They're also good to use with hors d'oeuvres and snacks too. Those common printed Halloween, Thanksgiving or even Easter cocktail napkins are wayyy too tacky! Be simple, be clean, and be personalized.

The though of using the same damp fingertip towels after someone else is gross! Then after you use it what do you do with it? Leave it on the friggin' sink, throw it in the trash..?? A constant conundrum. Now days we want to dry our hands off with something germ-free. (And we don't want some skanky, wet bar of soap to touch after everyone at the party has used it either! Get a liquid soap pump!)

Most retail paper guest towels are essentially folded-over dinner napkins with tacky patterns on them... my favorites are the faux marbleized ones...whaaaat? Marble hand towels?? Now you can get lovely thick absorbent ones (get ivory, ecru or white only!) in many textures and have your own mark on them.

These paper products are from The Stationer on Sunrise in Palm Beach. Again, another wonderful Mom & Pop place. Run for years by Darlene & Jack Blanchard. They've recently handed over the reins to PB local Liz Quinn, who's affable personality immediately "gets it." They are the stationers to the stars here in PB and everyone adores their personal touches, helpful ideas and breadth of knowledge.

My own stationary needs are usually the toughest... as I'm uhh, well-uhh...lets say picky (surprised?) !!! When my mother died suddenly I went immediately to Darlene, she showed me some elegant mourning notes and helped with me with the personalized verbiage, what a relief! The notes arrived in three days. She's a true lady and an expert on all situations! Stationer on Sunrise made these pieces below for me and they're all divine...what would else you expect to receive from me???

Personalized embossed notes with my family's coat of arms (also the logo for JPDSODPB!)

Holiday Cards and Invitations

Stationer on Sunrise
247 Sunrise Avenue, Palm Beach
Ph: 561.833.7971