Perhaps you didn't get the memo on Lacquer, but it's been white-hot for a few years. Thick, layer-upon-layer of mega-gloss paint so thick it makes walls look dripping wet.

Trends have reversed: In the kitchen, counter-tops are now matte whilst cabinets are super high-gloss. Matte bathroom tiles have replaced shiny ones whilst other surfaces in the bath are all lacquered!

It's hot, it's sexy and it's rich looking!

I know, right??

(Source: Luis Bustamante)
A long narrow living room with a low-ish ceiling looks larger and taller with the lacquered ceiling reflecting the light.

(Source: Gabhan O'Keefe)
Totes cray, right? I freekin' LOVE this room!
That ceiling is perfection!

(Source: Unknown)
Updated traditional is always chic!
The green lacquer makes this go from 0 to 90 in five seconds.

(Source: Brooke Shields)
Milk Chocolate brown, who knew it could be do delicious...
Lacquer makes small rooms look larger!

(Source: Unknown)
Can't say I like that furniture - but that screen is to die for!
It's doing what a mirror would do - but with color!

(Source: Miles Redd)
Shiny oxblood bookcases and trim-work are highlighted with brass details making this feel so tailored and crisp.

(Source: Rob Southern)
I'm thinking this is a wall-covering which is a good alternative to the pricey lacquer.

(Source: Luis Bustamante)
I just want to rub my naked body all over those walls.....
(ooops, did I say that out loud?)

(Source: Unknown)
The juxtaposition of the traditional woodwork painted white with the mirror-finish green lacquer is brilliant...

(Source: Jean-Louis Deniot)
Parchment walls popped up with lacquered doors creates a trompe l'oeil impression of space.

(Source: Unknown)
Fun! But, perhaps, the orange ceiling is a tad too much...

(Source: Unknown)
A lacquered cabinet creates a pop of color and an illusion of space in this small dining area. Great idea when renting.

(Source: Unknown)
Notice the way the light bounces around this small room blurring the boundaries, making it feel larger than it actually is.

(Source: Steven Gambrel)
A colonial room gets a 21st century blast with the lacquered walls in a Williamsburg blue = updated traditional!

(Source: Stephen Sills)
Well-edited and handsome; the stunning lacquer job needs no wall decorations, it's perfect as is...

(Source: Unknown)
A lacquered ceiling refracts the sunlight deep into a room with windows only at one end.

(Source: Unknown)
Fine French antiques get slammed into gear with green lacquered walls and the perfect pink upholstery. The highlighted details on the paneling raise swank-factor a bit.

(Source: Miles Redd)
It's hard to achieve cozy and chic in the same room, but BOOM! here it is!

(Source: David Kleinberg)
The trough-style, up-light illuminates the lacquered walls and ceiling turning a dark narrow hall into an interesting passageway.

(Source: Miles Redd)
Updating a "country look" by lacquering everything bright blue also makes the room feel larger and less cluttered.

(Source: Unknown)
Lacquered base cabinets in concert with the checkerboard floor optically create a much larger feel in the small kitchen.

(Source: Alkemie Blog)
A small pop of orange lacquer gives this bathroom interest - too much bright color in a bathroom is obnoxious as it makes your reflection less fabulous...jus sayin'.


Lacquering at home is nearly impossible. You'll need high-gloss oil-base paints and a motorized sprayer.

Take your piece to a car-painter, body-shop and have them paint your piece, it'll cost you less than a furniture finisher and the finish will be great.

Below is a French chest I found at auction and had it painted high-gloss black and look at the fabulous results!

A maple 50's dresser from Bubbies basement got a cobalt blue spray-job and some new knobs and BOOM!

A tired 80's Chinese sideboard got lacquered and now it's
da bomb!


Just wayyyy too much "shiny" going on here.
Overhead beams are usually unsuccessful lacquered as it creates too much visual clutter. Feels like a nightclub.

This photo tells its own story; by lacquering everything it reduces all the beautiful woodwork into one big glare.... Had they left the ceiling white the room would be less glare and super chic!

I love rooms where you just know that in a few years they'll look around and go WTF were we smoking...

Lacquered rooms fundamentally need to be tailored, simple and well edited.
This room has way too much going on; different types of furniture, accessories, carpets and curtains all create a visual clusterf%#k.

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