Kitchens have become the number one "show-off" room in today's homes.   It's sooo not OK to have Kenmore or Amana appliances anymore, everything needs to be the "Hummer" version.  It's nothing to spend $100,000 on stainless steel, ancient 'reclaimed' stone, custom-colored tiles, and a one-of-a-kind hand-hammered pre-patinated copper sink made by trolls in Trollhattan...

It's easy to get carried away with all the choices and then wind up with some heinous mish-mosh of expensive crap...

Avoid costly mistakes by focusing on 
what you need, not what you want.

Lets make this kitchen ALL about YOU! 
Questions to ask yourself: 

  1. Who cooks? 
    1. You or your spouse
    2. Full-time cook
    3. Part-time housekeeper
    4. A combination of all the above
  2. How much cooking is actually done at home? 
    1. Eat out every night
    2. Eat out because you dislike your current kitchen so much
    3. Cook once, twice or three times a day
    4. Get take-out often and happy with that
    5. Make specific meals or just nosh all day long
  3. What kind of cook are you or the person who cooks? 
    1. Gourmet chef
    2. Home-style cook
    3. Package opener
  4. Do you store large quantities of dry goods in your house? (Costco shopper or do you buy daily/weekly what's needed)
  5. Are you a small appliance whore?
  6. Is there a specific 'thing' you enjoy doing in the kitchen?
    1. Baking
    2. Pastry Making
    3. Canning & Freezing
    4. Grilling
    5. Arts & Crafts
  7. Do you have a large collection of tabletop decorations and china?
  8. Do you use tablecloth's, place mats, fabric napkins, etc.?
  9. Do you want a broom closet or is that stuff kept elsewhere?
  10. How handy is the trash and recyclables disposal?
  11. Where you live, are you allowed to have a garbage disposal? 
  12. Are you sensitive to noise?
  13. Do you want a "bar area" in the kitchen with ice machine, etc.?
  14. Do you want a separate butlers pantry?
  15. Do you want a gas or electric cooktop, and is gas accessible?
  16. Where would you prefer to eat each meal? 
    1. At the counter
    2. Breakfast room
    3. Dining room
    4. Outside
    5. In front of the TV
    6. In the car dashing off to the kids sports events
  17. Anyone in your household physically challenged in any way?
  18. Do you live in an apartment or house?
  19. Are you a "tactile" person? 
  20. Is coffee or tea an important part of your day?
  21. What electronic or media devices do you need in your kitchen? (TV, iPod-dock, computer, phone chargers, etc.)
  22. Is the new kitchen to be combined with another room? 
  23. Is the new kitchen adjacent to a pool area or porch?
  24. What is your age and your children's or grand children's ages?
  25. How long do you expect to be in this house?
  26. Do you like the laundry machines in the kitchen or in a separate space?

Architecture and Design
Who, What, Where??

  1. Will the new kitchen be in the same place or a new location?
  2. Are there adjacent spaces that will, or can be conjoined?
    1. Family Room
    2. Home Office
    3. Staff Quarters
    4. Butlers Pantry
    5. Laundry Room
  3. Is this a new addition to an existing dwelling?
  4. Has an architect or designer laid out the new floor plans or did you stand around waving your arms with a tape-measure; "yeah hon, riiiight about here's good"
  5. An architect needs to be a member of AIA.ORG
  6. Who is laying out the new kitchen and cabinetry?
    1. Certified cabinet dealer 
    2. Retiree working at Home Depot for his health insurance
    3. Contractor who barely got his GED
  7. Cabinetry companies will design your kitchen for free if you use their product. That designer needs to be certified by NKBA.ORG 
  8. Have you considered adding a laundry room, mudroom or powder room while you're going to all this trouble to add the kitchen?
Selecting the STYLE of the kitchen you want:
Modern, Colonial, Tuscan.....

(Designer: Angela McCadden)
Basic all-American White Kitchen

(Source: Unknown)
The Super-sized Pure White American Kitchen

(Designer: Gil Shafer)
Cozy American Country style Kitchen

(Source: Belgian Pearls)
Northern European Style Kitchen

(Designer: Jean Larreta)
Clean Lined, Soft, Approachable Contemporary

(Source: Traditional Home)
American, Country Style Kitchen

(Source: Traditional Home)
Chic, Colorful Transitional-Style Kitchen

(Architects: Summerour Associates)
Organic, Contemporary Kitchen with Natural Materials

(Designer: David Duncan Livingston)
Traditional, English Style Kitchen

(Designer: Richard Shapiro)
Modern Kitchen for an Infrequent Cook 

(Source: House Beautiful)
Traditional French-Style Kitchen for the Less-Than-Serious Cook

(Designer: Curve Interior Design)
Euro-style Super Modern Kitchen for the Serious Cook

(Source: Unknown)
Eclectic Townhouse Kitchen

(Source: Elle Decor)
1940's Black and White Kitchen with Color Accents

(Designer: Quateman Interiors)
Traditional Black and White Townhouse/Apartment Kitchen

(Designer: Jose Solis Bettancourt)
Warm, Contemporary Kitchen with Soft Details

(Designer: Christopher Peacock's own home)
Hybrid Traditional English-American Kitchen

(Source: Venice California)
Architectural Modern Kitchen in Natural Woods

(Designer: Ray Booth)
Bright, Transitional Kitchen with Natural Finishes

(Source: Country Kitchens)
Cozy, English Cottage-Style Kitchen

(Designer: Patrick Printy)
Updated Traditional Country Style 

(Designer: Michael Deperno)
Modern, Organic Kitchen for Collectors

(Designer: Michelle Workman, Jennifer Lopez's Kitchen)
Colorful Transitional Kitchen

(Designer: Michael S. Smith)
Americanized English Country Style Kitchen

(Source: Traditional Home)
Sexy, Chic Transitional Kitchen in Black

(Source: Unknown)
Rustic, Western-Style Country Kitchen with Raw Woods

(Joan Rivers Kitchen in Connecticut)
Fancy, American Country-Style "Show-off" Kitchen

(Source: Traditional Home)
Cozy, Efficient Shaker Style Kitchen

(Designer: Susan Dossetter)
White and Natural Wood 1940's American Kitchen for Collectors

(Designer: Ken Pursley)
Masculine, Paneled Kitchen in Dark Woods

(Designer: Fern Santini)
Warm, Tuscan Style Kitchen

(Designer: Liz Langes)
Fun, Spirited, Casual Open-Plan Kitchen

(Source: House Beautiful)
Natural, Western American Style Kitchen

(Courtney Cox Kitchen in California)
Pure White, Sleek, Shiny Contemporary

(Designer: Chris Welsh)
French Style, Hand-Painted Kitchen

(Designer: Jackye Lanham)
Early 20th C. Hybrid American and European Style Kitchen.

(Designer: Amanda Kyser)
Modern, Casual Camp-Style Kitchen

(Source: House Beautiful)
Rustic Country-Style Kitchen

(Designer: Wolfman-Gold)
Super Serious All-Stainless Kitchen for a Real Cook

(Designer: Tim Kemp, London)
Traditional Distressed-Paint English Kitchen

(Designer: Gisue Haririo)
Sleek Modern Italian Style 

(Designer: Joe Naheem)
Transitional Kitchen with Country Influences

You can do it, I'm here to help!