It's a comfy color...

Psychologists tell us the color green represents plants that are nurturing in the form of food, and/or used for medicinal purposes.

In ancient Chinese cultures the yin and yang symbol is often red and green (not always the black and white we see).  The red represents good luck, the sun and happiness which is paired with green representing nature, grass and crops.

Historically, green has been a popular color!

For centuries, the best royal palaces used lots of green as the pigments were expensive in the 18th century, making green a major status symbol.

Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Catherine's Palace [Tsarsko Selo] St. Petersburg, Russia
(notice the solid malachite fireplace mantle!).

The dining room at Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, which looks turquoise here - but is actually a nasty 'spearmint' green.

The family dining room at Mt. Vernon.

The White House "Green Room".

An 18th century American Colonial Home.


(Designer: James Michael Howard)

The beautiful hand painted walls are in a soft 'olive' green which is especially pretty with the white trim and upholstery - the simple palette makes this work.

(Source: Martha Stewart)

The three shades of Mount Vernon green are beautiful, but a wee bit too much for me here. It would be (in my opinion) better with more white...

(Designer: Phoebe Howard)

The narrative for this seaside bedrooms  monochromatic palette of 'sage' greens with touches of tan says - relax baby!

(Source: House and Home)

I am all kinda' in love with this room! It's all cottagy and cozy without lookin' all granny-ish.

Study it's simplicity - notice the lack of small crap sitting around and the humble cotton textiles.

(Designer: Nancy Serafini)

A little paint and ingenuity created this cute room. 

(Home of clothing designer Andrew Gn)

Mr. Gn has a taste for 'high schmaltz' I'd say...

The 'spring' green color is timeless and a perfect background for the Chinese export porcelain.

(Source: Elle Decor)

I love rooms with one textile everywhere! This soft 'fern' green toile is totally restful and comfortable. (A tad 'adult' but nonetheless pretty)

(Designer: Billy Baldwin)

This room's so well done - it's the reference for anyone trying to do something similar. The 'English' green trellage wallpaper creates a timeless garden-room feeling.

(Designer: Mary Douglas Drysdale)

The monochrome palette here makes this bedroom feel like a place to sleep - not play air-hockey!  Soft 'avocado' green and white linen with lovely dressmaker details make it simple and  tres elegante!

(Designer: Miles Redd)

This bold foyer fo shizzles my nizzle! 

I love the bold Kelly green lacquered walls with the solid colors of blue and white - This is the 'new traditional' !

(Designer: Barry Dixon)

This coz-a-licious library with the 'antiqued' green-painted walls and the soft organic patterned textiles underscores the aforementioned psychologists definition of green by creating a nurturing environment.

(Source: Martha Stewart)

The queen of the soft-toned colors has successfully mixed soft 'fern' green with a butter yellow creating a quiet, calm breakfast room.

(Designer: Meg Braff)

$20. /yd. cotton canvas is used for the curtains and slip-cover -  you cant beat it, cheap and chic!

(Designer: Frances Schultz)

This Frenchie-fied kitchen sho' ain't missin' no details...Lawd knows. It's carvings, valences and nooks make it too busy for my taste, but all that shit does create a 'romantic' attraction. The green makes it much less frou-frou than a French blue or yellow would.


(Designer: Martha Angus)

A little of this and a little of that...

The green wall-to-wall and the antique style Chinese wallpaper create a natural envelope for the highly styled furniture and art pieces.

(Designer: Allison Palladino)

This is a cool Palm Beach house that has the island thing going on.
The 'celadon' green is the perfect backdrop for eclectic furnishings.

(Designer: Katie Ridder)

This wickedly chic dining room combines several colors all of which are held together by the 'chartreuse' green walls.

(Designer: James Michael Howard)

This 'kiwi' velvet sofa is the anchor color in the room. The subtle green adds depth and a certain quality to the mostly beige room.

(Designer: Joseph Paul Davis)

This fresh 'lime' green was taken from the French Impressionist painting above the bed. The wallpaper, headboard and linens are kept simple to let the painting be the bigmouth in the room.

(Source: Veranda)

GTFO!!! This room is da bomb!

Cool, clean and not pushy! The taupe colored wood patterned wallpaper, leather chairs with the warm wood table, crystal chandelier and cotton rug are perfect backgrounds for the 'grass' green accents.

(Designer: Maureen Footer)

I think using the 'lettuce' green on the wall behind the shelves is brilliant!  It's not too much color, it adds some drama and makes the white ceramic pieces stand out better.

(Designer: Heidi Friedler)

This early 20th century house has been zhuzhed up with color and scale. The bright white makes a clean envelope for the fun 'pea' green textiles and coffee table.

It's casual and fun = exactly what we all want now!

(Designer: House Beautiful)

This kicked up living room is IT! 'Apple green' lacquered walls, psychedelic carpet and a total mish-mosh of furniture upholstered in the exact same color green accented with Pucci-esque pillows shows that someone with a big personality lives here... So totally cool!

(Designer: Meg Braff)

This 'leaf' green bedroom feels fresh with the white thin-framed furniture and plain painted walls. A bedroom is supposed to be restful, not exciting...


(Designer: Joseph Paul Davis)

This foyer provides the narrative when you first walk in the door of this seaside retreat. The 'seafoam' green painted walls and ceilings create an ethereal feeling; the tone-on-tone decor in shades of sea greens and sea-glass blues create a very calming effect.

(Source: Unknown)

Wow, how now!

The deep green walls compliment the art pieces whilst creating a smart background which highlights the lighter colored pieces in the room.

(Source: Unknown)

You don't have to make the whole freekin' room green - just touches of green can be perfect.

(Designer: Katie Ridder)

LOVE this! Instead of curtains or something cliche' they've painted the window frames 'pea' green - matching the chair and the carpet.
Just touches of green can add the grounding effects of nature.

(Designer: Christina Murphy)

I saved the best for last! 

Floors painted with organic flowers and vines provide the color scheme for this modern home on the Long Island Sound. The green color brings the outside in while working nicely with the antiques and contemporary furnishings.

You can do it, I'm here to help!