(Source: Phoebe Howard)
After 20 years of Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin-finished-whatever...  the preeminent favorite is back, and big time too!
The warmth and soft glow of brass have come full circle, partially due to the popularity of late, mid-century interiors which now have moved from the cool chrome of the 60's to the bright, swanky brass of the 70's.


(Source: Doris Leslie Blau)
Those awesome brass sconces and shiny Klismos chairs give a warm glow to a cool, pale room. The coffee table has burnished bronze legs which compliment the brass pieces.

(Source: Elle Decor)
This room with two Kagan sofa's and a Baughman chair has brass accents which warms the cool tones of the grays and blacks.

(Source: Unknown)
Brass trimmed frames and accent tables make this sober study in orchids and purples warm and sophisticated.

(Source: Ralph Lauren)
This super-chic "New York'y" looking room pops because of the brass, if it were nickel or another metal it would be flat looking and too monochromatic.

(Source: Unknown)
Brass is always a part of traditional interiors, but here the brass pieces are actually mid-century pieces which makes the room feel updated.

(Source: Elle Decor)
I freekin' love these chandeliers in this modern living room!
Two reasons: They're gutsy - and if they were chrome they'd look commercial - as if they were in some tired old department store.

(Source: Elle Decor)
Most rooms with a Damian Hirst are sleeker, whiter and more gallery-like, but this softly textured room with the warm brass accents is very inviting.

(Source: Benjamin Dhong)
Usually people think gray rooms need nickel or chrome accents, but I think brass is the perfect accent as it doesn't fade into the grayness and offers a shot of warmth to the cool palette. 

(Source: Marie Claire Maison)
This elegant little sitting room is made more interesting by switching a brown-wood desk for the contemporary brass one; the scale lightens the look and the brass compliments the gilt frame.


(Source: Pinterest)
ALL of the smart table-top stores have matte brass flatware now and I think it's chic as hell!  Even Design-Within-Reach carries a brass line and they're super chrome oriented!

(Source: Elle Decor)
This totally vintage 1970's dining table with the vintage gold-tone and blue velvet chairs is totally  off da chain!

(Source: Peter Mikic)
Mr. Mikic twists it up with this eclectic, creative assemblage.  The brass fronted buffets and chandelier pick up the handmade brass legs of the dining table. 

(Source: Peter Mikic)
Here the dining table's bold, large, gold-toned legs compliment the side-table, sconces and lamp.

(Source: Pinterest)
This is sooo out of my childhood, but it's still sooo good!
The black Chinese-style built-in with the black and gold Asian-inspired wallpaper is just sooo perfect with the brass accessories.


(Source: Kelly Wearstler)
I think Wearstler is the "shock-jock" of decorating these days - it's all about stunning the viewer more than comforting them. Here, we see black, gray and white with brass accents - the brass is the only warming element, making this schitzo room feel somewhat  coordinated.

(Source: Reese Witherspoon's home)
Here, the furnishings are very eclectic creating a casual look; by adding the polished brass bookcase the room gets bumped up a notch as it adds some sparkle and elegance.

(Source: House Beautiful)
Silver garden seats would've been tacky, but the brass ones add a richness to the cool, green lacquered walls and other black accents.

(Source: Elle Decor)
This small reception hall has all the right pieces including
Pantone's "color of the year, Emerald" (which is not a warm color). 
What  really makes it work are those two 70's recycled lamps and vintage brass mirror, they give the room the needed warm/cool balance.


(Source: Stacy Nance)
I know everyone's all about nickel in the kitchen these days, but brass is awesome when used properly!  It can make a country kitchen feel cozier and a city kitchen feel more glamorous! 

(Source: Pinterest)
This is kitchen is suhweeeeet! 
The brass just looks warmer and unexpected.

(Source: Katy Elliott)
There will be no nickel or brushed stainless in a colonial kitchen!

(Source: Jean Louis Deniot)
How Glam can you get, riiight??? 
Albeit small, this pee-in-your-pants  kitchen rocks it out with those hammered-brass cabinet fronts. 

(Source: Veranda)
And why not use that old dining room chandelier over the kitchen island?

(Source: Pinterest)
LOVE this matte brass finish on kitchen hardware.

(Source: Tumbler)
Of course you'd expect nickel or brushed chrome pulls and lights in this kitchen - but that's why this kitchens in the blog and not yours...

(Source: Elle Decor)
How about this OTT, amazing brass island in this kitchen?
I'm sure that was inexpensive...


(Source: The Viceroy, Anguilla)
Marvin Gaye's song "Lets get it on" comes to mind here...
Sleek design, taupe and cream tones, antiqued mirrors and brass accessories makes this masculine and calming.

(Source: Adore Home)
These old 70's brass chests were a dime a dozen a few years ago, now they're a HOT commodity.

(Source: Giorgio Armani)
Armani used a super simple brass bed in this bedroom and it plays well with the beige and tan tones.

(Source: Erin Lauder)
I never run photos with the text from another magazine on them but this was a perfect example of a traditional room zhuzhed up with some mid-century pieces, and it rocks!

(Source: Habitually Chic)
This country house's dark monochromatic scheme is made warmer and less rigid by the introduction of brass accents.

(Source: Peter Mikic)
Dis room is hella tight! 
Simple, vivid, well-proportioned and chic - it wouldn't be with chrome!

(Source: Benjamin Dhong)
This room feels like a warm cashmere blanket as all the tones are comfortable and warm ones.


(Source: Pinterest)
That's right BRASS, bitches! 

(Source: Melinda Ritz)
This would be horrible with silver-toned hardware.

(Source: Thomas Pheasant)
Ohhh lala...'amour denude'...
Pretty without being ostentatious.

(Source: Lorenzo Castillo)
A kick-ass bathroom - I think it's freekin' flawless!

(Source: Lorenzo Castillo)
Same bath as above, different angle, still flawless!

(Source: Nathan Egan)
Simple, clean and slightly more elegant than nickel.

(Source: Suzy-Q-Better)
This retro-tastic powder room is pretty, simple and cool - all in one.

Warm your rooms with BRASS!

(Source: CCS Architecture)

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