Billiards and Pool Tables are showing up everywhere, again!

They conjure ideas of smokey pool halls with bikers in leather vests or Poncey robber-barons in velvet slippers preening about in mahogany paneled rooms…
I believe people are enjoying sports and activities more these days where they can actually talk to each other:

Golf, billiards or even power-walking which allows friends to talk whilst playing and doing something mildly competitive.

The pool tables for the average home, and the rooms they inhabit have evolved; no longer a wood-grain laminate and emerald-green felt hideosity kept in the basement…

(Source: Michael Smith)

They can be fabricated from exotic woods with custom-colored felts and kept right in the living room, or made of weatherproof, color-coordinated materials and used poolside, on a rooftop or even on the beach!

(W-Hotel NYC)
Yes, there are many types of outdoor pool tables for poolside, penthouse terraces or lakeside pergolas.


(Source: Ralph Lauren)
The quintessential billiards room. A tad overstated unless you're a an ivy-league wanna-be.
(Source: David Copperfield)
The memorabilia artfully arranged around this room adds an important personal touch.
(which is absent from so many rooms today)

(Source: Herlong Architects)
This room gives me wood!
Boating and billiards, two hobbies incorporated together make for a great decor.
(Source: Penny Drue Baird)
Create a man cave in a barn conversion, make it masculine and cozy.

(Source: Jennifer Garrigues Interiors)
Benevolent billionaire, John Kluge played pool in this cool aerie in his Palm Beach home. The room alone inspires you to relax and enjoy the game.

(Source: Will & Jade Pinkett Smith)
A smart, asymmetrical Moroccan themed room has a simplistic, clean-lined feel with an extra cool vibe.

(Source: Waldo Fernandez)
Modern, updated clubby - How hot is that?

(Source: North Group)
Got an attic space that's not being used?

(Source: Carrier & Company)
Trick out your basement as a kick-ass billiards/entertainment room.
Include a seating area for the ones not playing, this make the game fun for everyone.


(Source: Unknown)
You thought all billiards rooms had to look like Ralph Lauren threw up all over them, din'cha? There is traditional style besides Ralph...
(Source: Lenny Kravitz)
Lenny Kravitz brings cool to pool!

(Source: Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos)
Pool rooms don't need to be expensive, a room with a cheap table and mix-match furniture can provide just as much fun.

(Source: Steven Volpe)
Why not have a kick-ass living room with a pool table in it?

(Source: ODA Architecture)
A specially crafted billiard table is a major art-piece in the room, any other table in this beautifully designed space would be an epic fail.

(Source: Jamie Drake)
Which would you use more, a dining room or a billiards room?
This hot blue room is so on it! Table felts can come in any color.
(Source: Thomas Griem/TG Studio)
Make a statement, how about a magenta felt?


(Source: Unknown)
An attic room is brightened up with some Americana. The seating provides a TV area for those not playing pool.

(Source: Unknown)
Got an extra garage bay? Cheap and chic the way to go.
(Source: Forge River Guest House)
Close in your old garage and make it a recreation room with a pool table. Keep it funky and casual.

(Source: Shelton Mindel, Assoc.)
Weekend homes should be fun and casual, like this one.
A pool table in the end of this living room makes a great entertainment area, or a large buffet when entertaining.

(Source: Grange View)

For the kid-at-heart indulge yourself with a full-on game room; billiards, fusbol, pinball, poker table, and whatever else you enjoy. Just do it!
You Can Do It, I Can Help!